Our Story

How a Kelowna female entrepreneur started a linen brand from the farmers’ markets

The Love of Linens story has humble beginnings. Meet Karen. Karen grew up in a family of very talented sewers; her Dad was a tailor and her Mom a seamstress. She took what she learned and made her own clothes and those of her children.

In 2003 she began making birth record blankets for family and friends. This created a following which blossomed into a home-based business called Bababean. Bababean made not only custom-embroidered birth record blankets, but other products, such as diaper bags and stroller blankets.

Karen heard great things about linen tea towels and linen bath towels and wanted to make some for herself. She instantly fell in love with linen, and began selling them at local farmers markets.

After multiple requests from customers for reusable produce bags, she started making those, as well. The response has been amazing, and they’re now a top seller. People love that linen keeps their produce and bread fresh longer than any other material, even cotton.

It’s from this love of linen by Karen her farmers’ market following that Love of Linens was born. Love of Linens now sells across Canada and the US.