Linen Veggie Bags (Reusable Produce Bags)

(5 customer reviews)


  • 100% natural linen from flax
  • Eco-friendly & sustainable
  • Better than cotton
  • Washer & dryer safe on cool
  • Gets softer with each use
  • Made in Canada

Save by purchasing all three bag sizes in the savings bundle.


Care Instructions

Hand or machine wash in cold water, hang to dry. Drier safe on cool. No Bleach! Iron while damp.


Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer with our reusable linen produce bags. Linen is superior to cotton, newspaper, paper towel and plastic. It’s the best material for reusable produce bags.

Our cloth produce bags stand out from the rest because they’re 100% natural linen. This means they’re made of real flax, a renewable natural resource. So it’s very absorbent, strong and breathable compared to cotton. Flax linen has been revered for thousands of years for these amazing qualities. (It’s the oldest known textile, after all.)

It’s because of this tried and tested ancient technology that our reusable produce bags are then professionally finished with love right here in the heart of the Okanagan (Kelowna to be exact!). Each handcrafted piece is then expertly finished with French seams to prevent unravelling, and square corners and a flat bottom for a refined, modern finish.

Store lettuce, celery, peppers, mushrooms, fruit, and many other types fresh produce in the refrigerator or on the counter. You can also wrap up dried goods, such as lentils, nuts, and grains for pantry storage in your linen produce bag. Additionally, wrap sandwiches for lunches and picnics using the small bag.

Also checkout our reusable bread bags! Linen is also the best material for keeping bread fresh.

Produce Bag Sizes

(All sizes are approximate)
Small 9″ x 9″
Medium 13″ x 13″
Large 15″ x 15″
Tall 9″ x 16″


5 reviews for Linen Veggie Bags (Reusable Produce Bags)

  1. Trine Sheldon

    Love love LOVE these bags. I was so sick of using a teatowel to try to wrap my veg. These are beautiful and work well. Super happy, I ordered a bunch for my Mother in law

  2. Christina Pogany

    I love these bags! Sustainable, high quality, easy to wash, and money saving. I just can’t say enough! I will never go back to plastic. I highly recommend these to anyone. 5 stars from me!!

  3. Molly Cresdee

    I’ve tried every way to keep my veggies, this is absolutely the best!

  4. Deborah T

    Absolutely wonderful for veggies! We have never had celery so crisp and the cilantro is still fresh after TWO WEEKS!!! The linen bags are so much better than the plastic bags we used to store them in, not to mention how much longer everything stays fresh. We will be buying more for the rest of our veggies. We sent one off to a friend as well and she loves hers too!

  5. G. Divine

    I have towels and produce bags. I love them both!

    The towels are wonderful. They’re so absorbent and make the best travel towels ever – even better than my old microfibre standby. I’m an avid SUP person, so I had to steal my partner’s towel for my dry bag. It goes with me every time I go out. Oops! I guess I’ll have to get him another one.

    I can’t say enough good things about the produce bags. I have five of them. I haven’t tried storing mushroom or peppers yet – all my bags are tied up storing lettuce, kale, arugula, spinach and the like. That stuff lasts almost forever in linen. It’s been a long time since I chucked slimy, smelly greens. Highly recommended.

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