Bread Couche


Professional grade flax linen baker’s couche for supporting proofing bread dough.

Placing baguette dough between couche folds help shape the dough and prevents the dough from proofing into each other.

It also wicks away a little of the dough’s outer moisture to help develop a skin, help hold the final shape and develop a crisp crust.

Dust with white and/or rice flour to prevent dough from sticking.

  • Made of 100% natural flax linen.
  • Untreated & unbleached.
  • Finished seam on all four edges to prevent fraying
  • Size: 26″ x 35″

Care Instructions

Hand or machine wash in cold water, hang to dry. Drier safe on cool. No Bleach! Iron while damp.


A high quality baker’s couche is professional grade 100% flax linen that is natural, untreated and unbleached. It is used to support dough, especially baguette, during proofing. Linen is durable, flexible and light, and is the best material to proof bread.

For baguettes placing the dough between the folds maintains its shape, absorbs the excess moisture and prevents them from sticking to each other as they increase in size. Only a 100% linen cloth can do all this and release the dough without sticking.

It has a wicking property that absorbs a little of the moisture on the surface of the dough without drying it out thus gives baguette a chewy, thin, crunchy crust. The couche should have durable seams on all four edges to prevent fraying over time.

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